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Certain chemical group was founded in the last century in 90s, the headquarters is located in overseas Chinese hometown of Jiangmen. The parent company for a certain chemical group's Limited by Share Ltd, Guangdong Moumou paint limited company, Greenway Technology Materials Co, Sichuan Guangdong Moumou Moumou coating Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Co. Ltd., Hebei Moumou Moumou paint paint limited company, Guangdong natural chemical coating company limited, Shanghai Moumou building energy saving Technology Co. Ltd. and Jiangmen city high hardware plastic parts Co. Ltd. 8 a subsidiary. The group has more than 3500 employees, with annual sales of 3 billion yuan and annual tax of more than 250 million yuan. The brand value is 15 billion yuan, and it is in a strong position in China's local coatings. Since 2011, it has ranked 50 in global coatings, and ranked thirty-third in 2015.
For a long time, so focused on research and development, in the architectural coatings and wood coatings production and sales, business scope covers furniture coatings, architectural coatings, wall decoration coatings, industrial coatings, waterproof coatings, decoration materials, printing ink, coating and service etc.. So that the consumer to create a beautiful environment for the Home Furnishing mission, "focus on quality, caring society", is committed to being in all aspects of the business trust paint advocate and practitioner, to ensure that customers, construction and production of the health and safety of workers. Under the guidance of this concept, and introduced the environmental protection type curing agent, paint, seaweed mud paint, children of waterborne wood coatings, beautiful door wood finish of the highly competitive products, become a few large segments of the leader and leader, has obvious advantages in Chinese furniture paint, decoration paint market.
In order to provide consumers with reliable products, so and so attentively listen to each customer's voice, and satisfy every demand of the market, research and development of each technical innovation. From the draft, 46 national or industry standards to have more than 60 national invention patents, "national high tech enterprise", "national enterprise technology center", "National Laboratory Accreditation", "chemical postdoctoral workstation" and "postdoctoral innovation base" and other honors, these are not only the industry and society of certain praise is a witness to paint a new benchmark at milepost.
Caring for society, reflected in the care of consumers, love for a better life, care for the ecological environment, social and cultural care. So and so to secure products to please consumers, to meet the employees with generous pay, with a win-win concept of return partners, to the sun platform feedback society. Let love rest assured that not only in the products and services, but also reflected in the student aid program. As of the end of 2016, Guangdong Province, a student foundation has donated about 24000000 yuan, set up 263 XX student point in the country 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, to care for 8030 poor students of 50 nationalities, help 2864 students from a university.
So and so, with excellent quality landscaping space, with gorgeous colors to beautify the mood, with health concepts to beautify life, committed to do Chinese home interior landscaping master, assured new paint benchmark. So and so, let the family beautiful, let love rest assured. This is such a solemn commitment to society and consumers.